The Final Countdown February 19 2024

Hi all! I really didn't mean to reopen the store quite so far into 2024. Toddler Yeti got me very sick a couple times and I didn't want to send y'all viruses that would make you puke your guts out. Plus I was busy puking my guts out.

I haven't restocked anything from the months-old restock survey yet, but that's still a plan. Right now I'm trying to clear out everything else I've got in stock to even make room to do that. 

"Abby," you may be saying "are you ever actually going to properly close?" and the answer is yes! Why? Because another baby yeti is coming. In summer. So the yeti stuff HAS to be gone to fit the baby stuff. 

Because of this, the Black Friday discount of 50% off is still active. This discount will NOT apply to anything that I restock from the survey, but it applies to everything currently in the shop. 

So take a look! There's a few "new things" that were really made to use up ingredients that I had left over. And even though they're new, they're half off. Because I need to get rid of them. I need space in my apartment for a crib.

See, look at this! Go to the catalog and learn more!

40% Off Because of Sad Teeth August 19 2023

Hi! I had two root canals and crowns done this week! It was unexpected and expensive!!!


Please buy things oof ouch owie my mouth hurts

COMPUTER GENERATED INDIES ARE HERE and the old stuff costs less now July 08 2023


As I write this, I'm updating the site to discount all of the old merchandise by 25%. The discount will show up automatically when you add items to your cart! Why? Because as was announced a year ago, Smelly Yeti is in fact closing. It's just taken me a while because I am bad at navigating the linear passage of time. 

Truly, everything must go. 


The Artificial Insmelligence collection is inspired by this Reddit post from ages ago. This is the last collection that has a cohesive theme - everything else that is added is going to be more of a loose millefleury collection where I mix together everything I've got to try to get it out the dang door. Why must everything go? Because the Business Yeti room is turning into the Baby Yeti room. This has always been the plan, but boy howdy does this kid need a room.

The linear passage of time? What's that? March 18 2023

In which I continue to be slower than I anticipate. 

Hi guys! It's been a while since the last update - a lot has happened! The whole house got covid, supply issues made me frantically find a new supplier to get a couple of the OTGW perfumes done, blah blah blah, no one cares, the point is things didn't get restocked quickly. Remember how last year around this time I announced that I wouldn't be in business in 2023? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's still mostly true. The general catalog stuff is pretty much not getting restocked ever again, with a couple of exceptions (Princess Jellyfish and Buffybot should be restocked on the site by the time I get this post up, as an example). 

But I'm happy to say that the Into the Unknown restock is LIVE. I still need to get the ITU label images uploaded so that people can download them, but tbh I feel less bad about doing that a couple days after the rest of the update is done because that's a download. People can do that separate from their order and it will have no additional shipping costs associated with it. Lantern Bearer and Pottsfield got updated with smaller batches, but I have plans to restock those when/if they sell out. 

Should I even attempt to give a timeline of when I expect to get other things released? Probably not. Know that the next thing in the pipeline is the AI generated collection. That hasn't changed. And if anyone has weird perfume ideas, I'm pretty much down to make any ridiculous sounding name into a perfume - as far as specific scents, I'm creating a lot of weird millefleurs with leftover ingredients, so I wouldn't go so far as to request anything specific, but if you just have a fun name, throw it at me. 

So When is Anything Happening Anyway? January 10 2023

Hi guys! Some people actually read the blog posts on this site. When I first decided I was going to close, I set in motion a series of events to end things. My initial plan was to get done by the end of the year.

BUT! Has an ADHD person ever correctly estimated the amount of time they will take to finish a complex undertaking? Maybe, but it was likely an accident.

Here's the current adjusted timeline.

GETTING DECEMBER 2022 ORDERS MAILED OUT - Done! I sent those out a few days ago.

INTO THE UNKNOWN RESTOCK - so if you've followed my comments on Instagram and Reddit, you'll know that I've vaguely said that there will be a restock of the OTGW inspired collection. This decision was based on the unexpectedly high demand for the collection, and was not initially planned - otherwise, I simply would have made bigger batches. Because I can only work when Baby Yeti is either asleep or being watched by Dad Yeti, I have such limited time. I'm going to figure out which ingredients I still have and reorder the others as soon as I can, but because shipping times for ingredients can be weird I'm going to put this as LATE JANUARY to MID FEBRUARY.

NEW COLLECTION I'VE VAGUELY TEASED - A while back, there was a post on /r/indiemakeupandmore where someone had made an AI come up with indie perfume descriptions. I commented being like, I want to make it! And then two years passed. I've actually been working on this for a while, but I want to do the final tweaks to some of the scents to make them exactly what I want them to be. I'm only going to do this after the Into The Unknown restock. PROBABLY MARCH?

AND THE REST - After both of these restocks, I will have more ingredients than I want to hoard in my small apartment. The Yeti Room is slated to become the Baby Yeti Room after this - he's almost a year old and now has entirely too many books and toys and various babythings. So I will make random other things - I was planning on restocking the hair oil because it's got a bit of a following, as well as releasing the exact recipe used, etc etc. Eventually I'll sell some of my making supplies to interested buyers - things like lake dyes that I thought I'd have a reason to use but then didn't ever actually use because I never dove that deep into cosmetics manufacturing etc etc. If interested in any of this nonsense, wait until MARCH to ask questions.

I want to get most of the stuff sold by MAY for a few reasons.

1. Get it out of my dang apartment

2. I want to use my free time to play Tears of the Kingdom when it comes out

3. Also Disco Elysium

4. Seriously, I have had no video game time since this dang baby (Apart from a few runs of Vampire Survivors after my husband unlocked most of the things that made it easy...)


So some people asked about getting postcards made from the Into the Unknown art. When I originally decided to make AI generated art to use as the labels for my last couple of releases, there wasn't as much discussion about the ethics of AI generated art - certainly not like there is now. I've canceled my subscription to Midjourney, FYI. But I do have a bunch of art generated within that time that I'm planning to still use- mostly since the entire reason that I initially decided to do it was because I was making a whole computer generated indie collection. So this was the thought process.

1. AI generated scents and names. What about...

2. AI generated label art! Looks like I'll subscribe to one of those things and then I can make a bunch of art, including art for...

3. Into the Unknown! What a good idea that I'll never have mixed feelings about!


4. I want to try to profit off of art that was made from an AI? Art that may have been stylistically influenced by other artists?

For what it's worth, I never asked for art in the style of other artists. The keywords I used to obtain the style for the ITU collection were "Vintage illustration." For the AI generated collection, I pretty much just fed in the names of the perfumes with zero stylistic guidance because I wanted the outputs to be purely based on the names and not influenced by what I wanted them to look like (that said, I ran some of the inputs several times to get ones that looked interesting.) But any label art generated in 2023 will be by my own miserable scrawl (or public domain images or photos that I take or something.)

So right now, I'm thinking of doing the following.



I know that postcards are way cheaper to print in bulk, so there is value in having someone do that instead of just being given some crisp and shiny jpgs. SOOOOO I guess this is the end of the blog post? If you have any additional questions, ask me and I'll respond in y e t  a n o t h e r  p o s t.

If this was incoherent at all, I wrote it at 2:00 AM and can edit it later when I am well rested.


Last thing: Baby Yeti is doing so well! He was a helmet baby for a while because of a very flat head but now his head is so round and he is always screaming in joy. He is learning how to walk and wants to grab the cat at all moments. He has an obsession with the carbon monoxide detector that I try to discourage.

The End of Days March 21 2022

This has been a tough post to write, because it was a tough decision to make. 

2022 looks like it's going to be the last year of Smelly Yeti for the foreseeable future. 

Starting back in 2014, my life was in a very different place that had a bit more room for a weird side business. I was an undergrad with no social life and apparently no need for sleep.

I had some semi-big plans for the future this year - new labels for certain scents, multiple new collections, etc etc - but a couple of factors made me reexamine the place that this business holds in my life right now. 

I had a baby a few weeks ago, and even before he was born I came into conflict with how I expected things to go. He came earlier than expected, but even if he hadn't I didn't have the energy to do all the restocking that I had wanted to do, and had told multiple customers that I would be doing. I was a little naïve about what a third trimester Abby could accomplish in my time off from my day job.  

Secondly, I did taxes. This is never a fun thing, but in addition to being unpleasant it showed me that SY is simply not very profitable. 

So what does this mean? 

I still love Smelly Yeti, and I have a ton of ingredients that I need to get out of my house. So it's still going for now. I won't guarantee any restocks of anything, but I still intend on restocking the most popular things until it is no longer feasible to do so. At the moment, I predict that there'll be a big going out of business sale at the end of the year and then it's curtains. 

Will I still make new products? 

Yeah, probably. I know that it's a bit of a tool move to create limited edition things right at the end, but I have a bunch of materials that were always meant for new recipes and I've simply been too scattered to formulate quickly enough to push them out when I planned to. ADHD that's been unmedicated for 9 months of pregnancy, baybeeee

Will the TAT change now that I've had a baby?

Yeah, it's longer. I'm still getting the hang of when I can actually sleep with this kid around - and finding time to sneak off to the Yeti room is tougher than before. I'll still try to get things out in under a month from time of ordering, and I hope to shave that down to a more reasonable time. I'm just now getting around to packing orders from the end of February. 

Will I drop off the face of the internet?

Eh, seems unlikely. I lurk more than I used to - active posting to social media isn't something I prioritize at this point in life - but if anyone wants to reach out to me, I'll be around in some form. 

I just want to say one more thing, even though this isn't really the end (yet) - all of my customers have meant so much to me over the years, and this decision is one that I haven't come to lightly. That's one reason I'm giving so much notice, so that if anyone really needs to demand something that there's time to figure out what's feasible. There's a lot of ways indie shops can end their time on the internet and I'd like to make this as smooth an ending as possible. 

Let's make some funky smells together. 




Ps buy everything babies are expensive 

February 2021 February 05 2021

A new restock is up, featuring

The Illuminati is Real and Yes I am in it

Broody Guy

Can't Say a Word

Can't go to Mexico

Several scents of The Mist

Who's That Girl? - now with new art!

Leaves From the Vine

and new art for Buffybot full sizes


If you've been following @smellyyetiperfumery on Instagram, then you'll know that I'm working on a set of bath and body products for a late Valentines offering. It's going to be a small box of new things to make you and your house smell nice. 

January 2021 Restock! January 11 2021

REAL QUICK, A NEW PROMOTION I'M TRYING OUT: if you post a review of Smelly Yeti scents and send me the link, then I'll give you a single use code for 10% off as a thank you! I'm not sure how this program will pan out, so I'm going to try it out through February. It doesn't need to be a new purchase - if you have products from back in the pre-hiatus time you want to review, you can do that too! The code for 10% off won't expire, so it's a good way to get a lil something in your back pocket for if you ever want to make another order. 






Beauty Queen has samples, but I need to redo the label art for that, Buffybot, and Jeeves because I'm out of those labels and now I'm looking to infringe a few less copyrights. I'm working on the new Buffybot label art, but I'm at more of a loss with the other two. 

Extreme Computer Death now has samples available, so that's pretty cool. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Smash

Happee Birthdae

Jimmy Stewart Has Stolen the Moon


Restock December 2020 December 17 2020

Hi guys! The first restock has arrived. I'm still waiting on ingredients to finish batches of scents like Owlcat, Can't Go to Mexico, and Psycho, but in the meantime I've added...

More Spell Gal + Princess Jellyfish (plus Princess Jellyfish is available in sample size now!)





Unicorn Collector



La Vie En Bros

and generally updated quantities on some other scents. 

Yeti 2: Perfume Boogaloo November 26 2020

 It's been a hot second, hasn't it? 


Three years, it's been three years. 

I've got to say, coming back to perfumery has been a wonderful thing after all this time. I'd like to think that I'm older/wiser/etc, and this is going to be reflected in how I run the store. 

You might be thinking, hey, there's not a whole lot of new products right now. And a lot of the old products aren't back yet. What gives? 

When I first opened shop, I was so focused on never telling anyone that anything was out of stock - if something was out of stock, I'd just make another batch as soon as I possibly could, because if a customer wants it then I wanted to give it to them. And while this was born out of good intentions, it led to some fairly long turnaround times during busy times, or if a certain scent suddenly experienced a surge of popularity right when the batch was low. It was never a crazy scandal or anything, but the TAT would get long. I would stay up crazy hours and the TAT was *still* too long for anyone's liking. Especially mine. I'm old enough now that a long TAT would probably give me a stress ulcer, even though I'm pretty sure that current research doesn't support the popular idea that stress gives you ulcers. I'd get one anyway.

Friends, I just can't/won't/shouldn't do that anymore. Not to myself, and not to you. So as much as I don't want to create an atmosphere of scarcity where it's like "if you don't get this perfume now who KNOWS when it's coming back???!?" I want to create a more elegant way to manage supply and demand. 

If something is out of stock and you want it, feel free to yell at me about it! I want to know what the people want. But if you're the ONLY person who wants something...Well, I'm not going to say never, but...there's some perfumes/products that I probably won't be making batches of without public outcry - either poor performers, or ones that I think I could reformulate to be a much better version of what they were. It's all about learning and growing here at Yeti Inc. 

Speaking of that, copyrighted images! Once I run out of labels that feature copyrighted images (aka screenshots from Buffy) they're gone forever. Like Buffybot - I just ran out of those labels so that one has some new art on the way. Maybe even a new name. I'm going to make sure that while I still stay inspired by pop culture, I'm not doing anything absolutely idiotic. Is it potentially idiotic to keep using the labels that I've got? Maybe. I want to hear your feedback about what the new labels should look like, and if I get some good ideas I'll be able to fast track the new labels and maybe just include old labels in people's orders of those scents as a sort of Easter Egg or reskin option. 

I'm also trying to get like, more sustainable? I still have a lot of packaging supplies from Yeti 1.0, but once those run out I'm going to try to use less plastic in my packaging. And I'm buying the expensive biodegradable bubble mailers. That's how you know I'm serious. 

As always, this is a labor of love. And it's about what you love as well. If you have any feedback about what you want to see from Smelly Yeti, let me know. Because boy howdy, I'm ready to yeti. 


Hiatus is not Bye-atus August 14 2017

Well, the time has come. Since no one cares about the details, here's the code first: HIATUS will give you 20% off of all orders. 

On to the other details!

Is this the last day to buy Smelly Yeti?

No, but there's no restocks happening anymore. If something is gone, it's GONE. 

Can we still pick free samples?

Since everything is selling out really quick, your freebies may be allocated on a "what's still left" basis, as well as including mystery products that never actually made it to the website. 

Wait, how long ARE you keeping the store open? 

"Until everything sells out" isn't exactly correct, but it's the closest answer I have at the moment. Know that the store will DEFINITELY be closed before 2018 - Taxes, yo. Don't need to bleed into another fiscal year. 

Is this a goodbye forever???

Nope! I love making and selling things, and grad school is only a two year thing. I'll be back, rising from the grave as an indie zombie. 

You accidentally made a couple of things not vegan. How?

You mean the Cipher soap and Alexandrite soap? Okay, so I had a pretty pigment and I apparently forgot how to read for a moment because the ingredients list clearly said CARMINE. Ain't that just the way. It's been clearly noted on the product pages and if I remade them in the future I'd use a different colorant.

Are you going to ghost the internet after this?

Goodness no. I'm going to be the same internet addict I always was. You'll see me. 

What happens if someone buys the real live yeti? 

Hey, if you're a multibillionaire who's willing to spend the money to find out, by all means. I'll figure out how to get a yeti for that kind of money. 


In all seriousness, thank you for making these past few years so incredibly fun and rewarding. I've loved to hear people's experiences with scents, and making connections with customers all over the globe. Plus, I got a bunch of people to start watching Buffy! So that's a plus as well. 

Blackest Days June 10 2017

The new blackcurrant collection is here! Together, the scents tell a story. Nothing dramatic, just a slice of life sort of thing. I've been planning this collection for ages and it's finally ready! 

Start here, with Monday!

This is a very limited deal, here. No samples, so if you want to grab one for a decant circle, go ahead. Enjoy getting to know my favorite British fruit flavor! 


Return of the Yeti April 01 2017

It's been a while. I've missed you too. 

Changes are coming to Smelly Yeti! You might see that the sample pack option is no longer available - that's because individual samples are a thing now. If you buy enough, I'll put em in a little box, but now you don't have to buy everything in chunks of five!

Sadly, this may be the last year Smelly Yeti is around, at least for a while. I'm going to grad school in the fall and SY will go on an extended hiatus. I don't want to say that it'll be closed FOREVER - I really can't predict the future, and I don't see myself ever abandoning it, not entirely. But yeah, it'll be closed for a good long while. I'm not good at juggling a thousand things at once, sadly. I get consumed with stress and all that stuff. 

That said, don't freak out! The shop closing is not coming for a while. I just barely reopened the dang thing, for goodness sake. And I have a lot of ideas for how to use some of my remaining soap/salt/etc making supplies before that happens! So keep an eye out for new things. 





Black Friday and State of the Yeti Address November 24 2016

Hi everybody! I haven't been on social media much, and I apologize. If you're interested in just the Black Friday code, here it is!


Use it to get 20% off of any orders made in the next few days. 

Now, to address other things:

After his long struggle with kidney disease, my cherished cat Darcy passed away. You've maybe noticed a bit of an absence from social media, and the fact that the Spooky Box never materialized - Believe me when I say that I really wanted to do those things, but my plans were derailed. I got a little caught up in grief and some things may have slipped. The spooky things may materialize in the off season of early 2017 - I still had a bunch of stuff made, I just didn't manage to get everything together quite in time. 

I'm also taking a bit of a break from Smelly Yeti after Black Friday. I need time to work on product development, streamlining things to make sure that when I reopen I can have a good TAT (and this may result in discontinuing the sample sets and some lower-performing general catalog scents) consistently, and I also need to work on finishing my book. So Smelly Yeti will be closed for all of December 2016, and will probably return in February 2017, but that is subject to change. 

To end the post on a somewhat more positive note, the Clue-themed Red Herring collection is back in the store! WOOO

Happy holidays! 

The Mist September 20 2016

One of the biggest problems people have with indie fragrances is the oil thing. The "How do I use this?" thing. The "This takes too much time, I'll just use one of my other perfumes" thing. 

People like spraying their scents. And now they can. 

The Mist is a water based spray that contains all the goodness of a full bottle of perfume. I've used mine to cover the smell of the cat box, to freshen up before going to the grocery store, and to add fragrance to my blankets before going to bed. It's good stuff! 

How does the oil mix with the water? Emulsifiers!

Does it have preservatives? Yes, and that's a very good thing! 

Can it ship overseas? Yes, because it's not alcohol based!

Will it save my marriage? Probably not, go to couples therapy.

Is it safe to use on skin? Yes, but scents with high concentrations of citrus oils may make you more sensitive to the effects of the sun. Try to avoid getting any perfume on your face, just in general.

How is Darcy, your cat who almost died that one time? He's pretty good! Very high maintenance, but he's got an appetite again and loves cuddling. He's still got failing kidneys, but we give him pills and special food and subcutaneous fluids. 

 What's the deal with the Smell of the Month? Where's the September one? I'm working on some surprises of a very spooky nature. Be patient! I'll email y'all when the time is right. 

New Smell of the Month and a CONTEST! March 31 2016

New smell of the month - La Vie En Bros!

 In 2015, Ten Three Labs contacted me about the Phantasmagoria box for October, based on a haunted house with ghostly residents who didn't get along all that well. Specifically, a woman hating ghost stuck with a woman for all eternity. Well, naturally, he would have preferred to be with one of his bros forever. Thus, the concept for La Vie En Bros was born. 

When the box was released, many of its recipients bemoaned the fact that it was only available in sample form - they wanted MORE. Well, today that wish is fulfilled! 

Enter a contest to win a portrait painted by a yeti!

Jean Claude was a yeti with a dream. A dream of painting. I'd say he achieved that dream, but mostly he's just achieved splattering paint all over things. Enter the raffle for a chance to win a painting of yourself to display proudly in your home! Or maybe you'll bind your soul to it, hide it in the attic, and never age! Lots of options. 

Click HERE to enter the contest!



Lip Things being discontinued February 24 2016

The lip things created by Fiori Herbals have been a popular item in the Smelly Yeti catalog, and for good reason! Providing vibrant color payoff and feeling comfortable on the lips, they've become some of my favorite lip products. 

However, issues with the formula have also been common, with some reporting that their balms are grainy or do not perfectly match the site swatches. I also saw that the labels were prone to wear. While a new formula was developed recently (Kurako being made with this) that initially had promise, it too has demonstrated a tendency to go bumpy. 

As of today, the lip things are being discontinued. The remainder of the stock will be sold at a discount. When ordering, be aware that the closeout stock may have somewhat scratched labels and a gritty formula. There will be no refunds for closeout lip things. 

The good news is, all of the lip things are now more than 50% off, and if you've had your finger on the trigger, now is the perfect time to try them out at a lower price!

For people who have bought lip things within the last month, message me with your order number and I would be happy to give a partial refund, and I apologize for the inconvenience. 

For those with bumpy tubes, here's the solution I've found works best to restore a smooth texture: 

Microwave until melted, without cap. This takes 30-45 seconds with one tube, or up to two minutes if you have several in there at the same time. 

Carefully move them to the fridge, and let them stay there until they've resolidified and are cool to the touch. 

Use as normal.


Will the lip things ever return to the store?

I'd like to say yes, though not in the same form they are now. Any future solid form lip products will likely be wax and oil based, without any butters, and at the moment I'm testing a gloss formula that seems promising for the future. 

Will the new lip things be manufactured by Fiori Herbals?

Distance and changing demands on time (I have more of it, she has less) mean that I will make the future lip things, though I'll have her formulas for the discontinued lip things and I'll undoubtedly find myself pestering her for advice!

Happy New Year! January 19 2016

There's a lot going on at the perfumery right now! 


Sample packs are back! 

Graduation is January's Smell of the Month, so if you missed it in December, now's your chance.

All orders in January get a FREE YETI STICKER because you guys are the best. 



The Red Herring Collection is a seasonal collection, and that season is Fall. However, samples and full sizes will be available until February!

USPS changed their shipping rates, tacking on a few extra DOLLARS to international shipping. Sadly, this meant that Smelly Yeti rates had to increase as well. 

Jelly Yeti is out of stock at the moment, and there's no real ETA on when they'll be back! 



New things are in the works here, from new Lip Things to experimental Smells of the Month to a Spring collection that's bound to get a few people hungry...hungry for apples. Wait, I can't say that. That's a rip off of "Got Milk."


Geeze louise just take your coupon codes and run! There's a lot of new stuff, including Lip Things which are vegan creations of Kae Q! I'm really excited about those, and the Red Herring Collection, but just - there's so much stuff to look at. Just start browsing. 

Remember, the 11th is the last day for sample packs in 2015.

flames - 10% off orders $10+  

FLAAMES - 15% off orders $30+   

FLAMESONTHESIDEOFMYFACE - 20% off orders $50+   

Post-Quarantine news July 14 2015

Some of you may remember that in early April, the following notice was placed on the listing for a real yeti. 



Jean-Claude was trying to recreate Tommy Fresh (already ill advised) by pouring random bottles of stuff together. I think there was dirt involved. Not the scent note, actual dirt. Anyway, despite the frantic yells of NON MON FRÈRE and ÇA SENT MAUVAIS from other yeti, he poured massive amounts of it onto himself to prove that he was qualified to formulate perfume.

Some of his hair actually curled from the combo and it was only due to the heroic efforts of Albain that the whole bottle wasn't spilled. Jean-Claude has been thoroughly sprayed down, but some of the scent yet remains. Until such a time that he can prove he's reliable, he is being offered at 50% off to any customer willing to take him. The standard precautions still apply, but I suggest several baths.  


Following a quarantine and the coordinated efforts of Marie and Pierre, we were able to formulate a way to wash him down in the form of a thick jelly to be worked into his fur. Gloves were worn by all involved and Jean-Claude is sleek, shiny, and above all, safe to be around without a respirator. The jelly was such a success that soon all of our customers will be able to enjoy the use of Jelly Yeti in their own homes. 


WAKE UP SHEEPLE June 05 2015

New perfumes have been released! 

There's a few more Hellmouth scents and some new general catalog stuff, including the much anticipated THE ILLUMINATI IS REAL AND YES I AM IN IT. Containing the essence of real blackcurrant, it's a darkly fruity scent that is absolutely irresistible. 

To commemorate this, the first 50 orders will receive a DELUXE sample with their order instead of the usual sample bottle - a packet of Bubble & Soak, a new bath product that does...well, what doesn't it do? 


Also, this last spring involved doing business taxes for the first time! Astonishingly, I made a profit! However, "technically making a profit" is not the same thing as making anything close to minimum wage.

Additionally, as I've been filling sample bottles I've realized that each bottle typically has 1.5 ml in it, not 1. I've adjusted the description on the website to read that sample bottles are 1.3 ml, since I don't want to overpromise.

Both of these factors mean that the sample packs really need to cost $15 to make like, any money. I hope you can forgive me. 


This year's Halloween collection is Clue themed. That is all. 


Shipping and bottle updates February 03 2015

You didn't think we were gone forever, now did you?

Shop updates: 

Pricing tiers for international shipping have changed. I know that the cheap international shipping was great, but it really was too good to be true. Most Canadian orders were charged $6 for shipping, but on average most of my shipping labels to Canada cost $7.70. Similar things happened with other international shipments, and especially as Smelly Yeti prepares to expand into other product types, the current shipping model had to be reevaluated. 

For reference: Priority shipping starts when a package is a pound or more. 


Standard shipping $3

Priority shipping $7.50

Free shipping for orders of $100 and up


Standard shipping $7.50

Priority shipping $20 (I know, but that's what the label actually costs. It's terrible. If your order is a pound exactly, I'd suggest splitting it into two orders to save.) 

Free shipping for orders of $150 and up

Rest of the world

Standard shipping $11

Priority shipping $20 (Depending on your order and your country's custom laws, splitting your order into two could help save you money if you do it strategically)

Free shipping for orders of $150 and up


The bottle style has also changed for full sized perfumes, due to supplier issues. The old style of bottle had a glass dropper with a rubber bulb on the top of the lid. The new style has a simple glass wand attached to the cap. It functions pretty much the same way - you can use it to stir your perfume around, and you can use it to apply your perfume in drops. The new caps will have a yeti on top, so you can see clearly what it is from above. 

There are a few full sized perfumes which are in the old bottle style, so for now there's no guarantee as to which bottle style you'll get. But a month from now our inventory should basically all be in the new style. 


Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way, an announcement!

The Hellmouth collection will be expanding! Though some villains have already been represented in our catalog (Drusilla, Riley) the rest of the main villains will also get their tributes sometime during 2015! 

BLACK FRIDAY November 27 2014

The sale is here.

BlackFriday -10% off orders of $10 or more. 

BlackerFriday - 15% off orders of $30 or more. 

YeBlackestOfFridays - 20% off orders of $50 or more. 

And, as always, orders over $100 get free shipping (USA and Canada) with free international shipping at $150.

Black Friday- it approacheth. November 21 2014

BlackFriday -10% off orders of $10 or more
BlackerFriday - 15% off orders of $30 or more
YeBlackestOfFridays - 20% off orders of $50 or more

And, as always, orders over $100 get free shipping (USA and Canada) with free international shipping at $150. 


So there's the coupon codes. New products being announced include 


The Hellmouth collection, part two (which will be revealed on black friday)


Proserpine, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Dame It.


Mini pipettes

yeti stickers


This new release widens the scope of SYP's perfume types, with citrus and spice, books and bakeries, dirt and smoke. There's something for everyone, seriously. If you're having a hard time deciding feel free to shoot us an email at 

The sale runs from November 28 to December 1, so you've got all of Consumer Weekend (a proud American tradition) to waffle about exactly which perfumes you want. 

Bonjour from Smelly Yeti Perfumery! July 28 2014

Well, it's been a long time coming. As the date (which is from July) of this blog post suggests, I've been trying to get everything open for a while now. It's October. I tried to change the date of the blog post but...whatever. Anyway! After months of testing, cooped up in my laboratory, squirreled away doing research in the dark, I am finally (finally) able to announce that Smelly Yeti is open for business! Also, I've forgotten what sunlight looks like. 


Smelly Yeti specializes in perfume oils. If you don't know what those are, go to the About page! It's very useful. 



THE HELLMOUTH COLLECTION part one is now available! Featuring perfumes inspired by everyone's favorite demon fighters (and demons) there's something to be found for everyone. 


CINEMA SCENTS isn't so much a collection as it is a general category. As a depraved Netflix fiend, I am always trying to recreate aspects of my favorite movies and tv shows through olfactory alchemy. This is how we get scents inspired by Back to the Future, The Wickerman, Ouran High School Host Club, and more! Sometimes I'll put a scent there that is a little bit of a stretch - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was a book first, of course - but that's not a problem, is it? 


It is, isn't it. 


Oh gosh. What did I do. 


Anyway, as an opening special, use the code LAUNCH to get 10% off any order for the first month. Unless you've somehow gotten access to a different coupon code, in which case, use that! 


Remember - all orders come with a free sample (chosen by me), candy (because candy), and a plastic dinosaur (because WHY NOT) and if you ask nicely I'll draw a yeti on your invoice. Maybe I will anyway. I like drawing yetis. 


Keep being awesome!