Shipping and bottle updates February 03 2015

You didn't think we were gone forever, now did you?

Shop updates: 

Pricing tiers for international shipping have changed. I know that the cheap international shipping was great, but it really was too good to be true. Most Canadian orders were charged $6 for shipping, but on average most of my shipping labels to Canada cost $7.70. Similar things happened with other international shipments, and especially as Smelly Yeti prepares to expand into other product types, the current shipping model had to be reevaluated. 

For reference: Priority shipping starts when a package is a pound or more. 


Standard shipping $3

Priority shipping $7.50

Free shipping for orders of $100 and up


Standard shipping $7.50

Priority shipping $20 (I know, but that's what the label actually costs. It's terrible. If your order is a pound exactly, I'd suggest splitting it into two orders to save.) 

Free shipping for orders of $150 and up

Rest of the world

Standard shipping $11

Priority shipping $20 (Depending on your order and your country's custom laws, splitting your order into two could help save you money if you do it strategically)

Free shipping for orders of $150 and up


The bottle style has also changed for full sized perfumes, due to supplier issues. The old style of bottle had a glass dropper with a rubber bulb on the top of the lid. The new style has a simple glass wand attached to the cap. It functions pretty much the same way - you can use it to stir your perfume around, and you can use it to apply your perfume in drops. The new caps will have a yeti on top, so you can see clearly what it is from above. 

There are a few full sized perfumes which are in the old bottle style, so for now there's no guarantee as to which bottle style you'll get. But a month from now our inventory should basically all be in the new style. 


Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way, an announcement!

The Hellmouth collection will be expanding! Though some villains have already been represented in our catalog (Drusilla, Riley) the rest of the main villains will also get their tributes sometime during 2015!