The End of Days March 21 2022

This has been a tough post to write, because it was a tough decision to make. 

2022 looks like it's going to be the last year of Smelly Yeti for the foreseeable future. 

Starting back in 2014, my life was in a very different place that had a bit more room for a weird side business. I was an undergrad with no social life and apparently no need for sleep.

I had some semi-big plans for the future this year - new labels for certain scents, multiple new collections, etc etc - but a couple of factors made me reexamine the place that this business holds in my life right now. 

I had a baby a few weeks ago, and even before he was born I came into conflict with how I expected things to go. He came earlier than expected, but even if he hadn't I didn't have the energy to do all the restocking that I had wanted to do, and had told multiple customers that I would be doing. I was a little naïve about what a third trimester Abby could accomplish in my time off from my day job.  

Secondly, I did taxes. This is never a fun thing, but in addition to being unpleasant it showed me that SY is simply not very profitable. 

So what does this mean? 

I still love Smelly Yeti, and I have a ton of ingredients that I need to get out of my house. So it's still going for now. I won't guarantee any restocks of anything, but I still intend on restocking the most popular things until it is no longer feasible to do so. At the moment, I predict that there'll be a big going out of business sale at the end of the year and then it's curtains. 

Will I still make new products? 

Yeah, probably. I know that it's a bit of a tool move to create limited edition things right at the end, but I have a bunch of materials that were always meant for new recipes and I've simply been too scattered to formulate quickly enough to push them out when I planned to. ADHD that's been unmedicated for 9 months of pregnancy, baybeeee

Will the TAT change now that I've had a baby?

Yeah, it's longer. I'm still getting the hang of when I can actually sleep with this kid around - and finding time to sneak off to the Yeti room is tougher than before. I'll still try to get things out in under a month from time of ordering, and I hope to shave that down to a more reasonable time. I'm just now getting around to packing orders from the end of February. 

Will I drop off the face of the internet?

Eh, seems unlikely. I lurk more than I used to - active posting to social media isn't something I prioritize at this point in life - but if anyone wants to reach out to me, I'll be around in some form. 

I just want to say one more thing, even though this isn't really the end (yet) - all of my customers have meant so much to me over the years, and this decision is one that I haven't come to lightly. That's one reason I'm giving so much notice, so that if anyone really needs to demand something that there's time to figure out what's feasible. There's a lot of ways indie shops can end their time on the internet and I'd like to make this as smooth an ending as possible. 

Let's make some funky smells together. 




Ps buy everything babies are expensive