The linear passage of time? What's that? March 18 2023

In which I continue to be slower than I anticipate. 

Hi guys! It's been a while since the last update - a lot has happened! The whole house got covid, supply issues made me frantically find a new supplier to get a couple of the OTGW perfumes done, blah blah blah, no one cares, the point is things didn't get restocked quickly. Remember how last year around this time I announced that I wouldn't be in business in 2023? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's still mostly true. The general catalog stuff is pretty much not getting restocked ever again, with a couple of exceptions (Princess Jellyfish and Buffybot should be restocked on the site by the time I get this post up, as an example). 

But I'm happy to say that the Into the Unknown restock is LIVE. I still need to get the ITU label images uploaded so that people can download them, but tbh I feel less bad about doing that a couple days after the rest of the update is done because that's a download. People can do that separate from their order and it will have no additional shipping costs associated with it. Lantern Bearer and Pottsfield got updated with smaller batches, but I have plans to restock those when/if they sell out. 

Should I even attempt to give a timeline of when I expect to get other things released? Probably not. Know that the next thing in the pipeline is the AI generated collection. That hasn't changed. And if anyone has weird perfume ideas, I'm pretty much down to make any ridiculous sounding name into a perfume - as far as specific scents, I'm creating a lot of weird millefleurs with leftover ingredients, so I wouldn't go so far as to request anything specific, but if you just have a fun name, throw it at me.