Hiatus is not Bye-atus August 14 2017

Well, the time has come. Since no one cares about the details, here's the code first: HIATUS will give you 20% off of all orders. 

On to the other details!

Is this the last day to buy Smelly Yeti?

No, but there's no restocks happening anymore. If something is gone, it's GONE. 

Can we still pick free samples?

Since everything is selling out really quick, your freebies may be allocated on a "what's still left" basis, as well as including mystery products that never actually made it to the website. 

Wait, how long ARE you keeping the store open? 

"Until everything sells out" isn't exactly correct, but it's the closest answer I have at the moment. Know that the store will DEFINITELY be closed before 2018 - Taxes, yo. Don't need to bleed into another fiscal year. 

Is this a goodbye forever???

Nope! I love making and selling things, and grad school is only a two year thing. I'll be back, rising from the grave as an indie zombie. 

You accidentally made a couple of things not vegan. How?

You mean the Cipher soap and Alexandrite soap? Okay, so I had a pretty pigment and I apparently forgot how to read for a moment because the ingredients list clearly said CARMINE. Ain't that just the way. It's been clearly noted on the product pages and if I remade them in the future I'd use a different colorant.

Are you going to ghost the internet after this?

Goodness no. I'm going to be the same internet addict I always was. You'll see me. 

What happens if someone buys the real live yeti? 

Hey, if you're a multibillionaire who's willing to spend the money to find out, by all means. I'll figure out how to get a yeti for that kind of money. 


In all seriousness, thank you for making these past few years so incredibly fun and rewarding. I've loved to hear people's experiences with scents, and making connections with customers all over the globe. Plus, I got a bunch of people to start watching Buffy! So that's a plus as well.