The Mist September 20 2016

One of the biggest problems people have with indie fragrances is the oil thing. The "How do I use this?" thing. The "This takes too much time, I'll just use one of my other perfumes" thing. 

People like spraying their scents. And now they can. 

The Mist is a water based spray that contains all the goodness of a full bottle of perfume. I've used mine to cover the smell of the cat box, to freshen up before going to the grocery store, and to add fragrance to my blankets before going to bed. It's good stuff! 

How does the oil mix with the water? Emulsifiers!

Does it have preservatives? Yes, and that's a very good thing! 

Can it ship overseas? Yes, because it's not alcohol based!

Will it save my marriage? Probably not, go to couples therapy.

Is it safe to use on skin? Yes, but scents with high concentrations of citrus oils may make you more sensitive to the effects of the sun. Try to avoid getting any perfume on your face, just in general.

How is Darcy, your cat who almost died that one time? He's pretty good! Very high maintenance, but he's got an appetite again and loves cuddling. He's still got failing kidneys, but we give him pills and special food and subcutaneous fluids. 

 What's the deal with the Smell of the Month? Where's the September one? I'm working on some surprises of a very spooky nature. Be patient! I'll email y'all when the time is right.