Black Friday and State of the Yeti Address November 24 2016

Hi everybody! I haven't been on social media much, and I apologize. If you're interested in just the Black Friday code, here it is!


Use it to get 20% off of any orders made in the next few days. 

Now, to address other things:

After his long struggle with kidney disease, my cherished cat Darcy passed away. You've maybe noticed a bit of an absence from social media, and the fact that the Spooky Box never materialized - Believe me when I say that I really wanted to do those things, but my plans were derailed. I got a little caught up in grief and some things may have slipped. The spooky things may materialize in the off season of early 2017 - I still had a bunch of stuff made, I just didn't manage to get everything together quite in time. 

I'm also taking a bit of a break from Smelly Yeti after Black Friday. I need time to work on product development, streamlining things to make sure that when I reopen I can have a good TAT (and this may result in discontinuing the sample sets and some lower-performing general catalog scents) consistently, and I also need to work on finishing my book. So Smelly Yeti will be closed for all of December 2016, and will probably return in February 2017, but that is subject to change. 

To end the post on a somewhat more positive note, the Clue-themed Red Herring collection is back in the store! WOOO

Happy holidays!