Happy New Year! January 19 2016

There's a lot going on at the perfumery right now! 


Sample packs are back! 

Graduation is January's Smell of the Month, so if you missed it in December, now's your chance.

All orders in January get a FREE YETI STICKER because you guys are the best. 



The Red Herring Collection is a seasonal collection, and that season is Fall. However, samples and full sizes will be available until February!

USPS changed their shipping rates, tacking on a few extra DOLLARS to international shipping. Sadly, this meant that Smelly Yeti rates had to increase as well. 

Jelly Yeti is out of stock at the moment, and there's no real ETA on when they'll be back! 



New things are in the works here, from new Lip Things to experimental Smells of the Month to a Spring collection that's bound to get a few people hungry...hungry for apples. Wait, I can't say that. That's a rip off of "Got Milk."