Lip Things being discontinued February 24 2016

The lip things created by Fiori Herbals have been a popular item in the Smelly Yeti catalog, and for good reason! Providing vibrant color payoff and feeling comfortable on the lips, they've become some of my favorite lip products. 

However, issues with the formula have also been common, with some reporting that their balms are grainy or do not perfectly match the site swatches. I also saw that the labels were prone to wear. While a new formula was developed recently (Kurako being made with this) that initially had promise, it too has demonstrated a tendency to go bumpy. 

As of today, the lip things are being discontinued. The remainder of the stock will be sold at a discount. When ordering, be aware that the closeout stock may have somewhat scratched labels and a gritty formula. There will be no refunds for closeout lip things. 

The good news is, all of the lip things are now more than 50% off, and if you've had your finger on the trigger, now is the perfect time to try them out at a lower price!

For people who have bought lip things within the last month, message me with your order number and I would be happy to give a partial refund, and I apologize for the inconvenience. 

For those with bumpy tubes, here's the solution I've found works best to restore a smooth texture: 

Microwave until melted, without cap. This takes 30-45 seconds with one tube, or up to two minutes if you have several in there at the same time. 

Carefully move them to the fridge, and let them stay there until they've resolidified and are cool to the touch. 

Use as normal.


Will the lip things ever return to the store?

I'd like to say yes, though not in the same form they are now. Any future solid form lip products will likely be wax and oil based, without any butters, and at the moment I'm testing a gloss formula that seems promising for the future. 

Will the new lip things be manufactured by Fiori Herbals?

Distance and changing demands on time (I have more of it, she has less) mean that I will make the future lip things, though I'll have her formulas for the discontinued lip things and I'll undoubtedly find myself pestering her for advice!