The Final Countdown February 19 2024

Hi all! I really didn't mean to reopen the store quite so far into 2024. Toddler Yeti got me very sick a couple times and I didn't want to send y'all viruses that would make you puke your guts out. Plus I was busy puking my guts out.

I haven't restocked anything from the months-old restock survey yet, but that's still a plan. Right now I'm trying to clear out everything else I've got in stock to even make room to do that. 

"Abby," you may be saying "are you ever actually going to properly close?" and the answer is yes! Why? Because another baby yeti is coming. In summer. So the yeti stuff HAS to be gone to fit the baby stuff. 

Because of this, the Black Friday discount of 50% off is still active. This discount will NOT apply to anything that I restock from the survey, but it applies to everything currently in the shop. 

So take a look! There's a few "new things" that were really made to use up ingredients that I had left over. And even though they're new, they're half off. Because I need to get rid of them. I need space in my apartment for a crib.

See, look at this! Go to the catalog and learn more!