Yeti 2: Perfume Boogaloo November 26 2020

 It's been a hot second, hasn't it? 


Three years, it's been three years. 

I've got to say, coming back to perfumery has been a wonderful thing after all this time. I'd like to think that I'm older/wiser/etc, and this is going to be reflected in how I run the store. 

You might be thinking, hey, there's not a whole lot of new products right now. And a lot of the old products aren't back yet. What gives? 

When I first opened shop, I was so focused on never telling anyone that anything was out of stock - if something was out of stock, I'd just make another batch as soon as I possibly could, because if a customer wants it then I wanted to give it to them. And while this was born out of good intentions, it led to some fairly long turnaround times during busy times, or if a certain scent suddenly experienced a surge of popularity right when the batch was low. It was never a crazy scandal or anything, but the TAT would get long. I would stay up crazy hours and the TAT was *still* too long for anyone's liking. Especially mine. I'm old enough now that a long TAT would probably give me a stress ulcer, even though I'm pretty sure that current research doesn't support the popular idea that stress gives you ulcers. I'd get one anyway.

Friends, I just can't/won't/shouldn't do that anymore. Not to myself, and not to you. So as much as I don't want to create an atmosphere of scarcity where it's like "if you don't get this perfume now who KNOWS when it's coming back???!?" I want to create a more elegant way to manage supply and demand. 

If something is out of stock and you want it, feel free to yell at me about it! I want to know what the people want. But if you're the ONLY person who wants something...Well, I'm not going to say never, but...there's some perfumes/products that I probably won't be making batches of without public outcry - either poor performers, or ones that I think I could reformulate to be a much better version of what they were. It's all about learning and growing here at Yeti Inc. 

Speaking of that, copyrighted images! Once I run out of labels that feature copyrighted images (aka screenshots from Buffy) they're gone forever. Like Buffybot - I just ran out of those labels so that one has some new art on the way. Maybe even a new name. I'm going to make sure that while I still stay inspired by pop culture, I'm not doing anything absolutely idiotic. Is it potentially idiotic to keep using the labels that I've got? Maybe. I want to hear your feedback about what the new labels should look like, and if I get some good ideas I'll be able to fast track the new labels and maybe just include old labels in people's orders of those scents as a sort of Easter Egg or reskin option. 

I'm also trying to get like, more sustainable? I still have a lot of packaging supplies from Yeti 1.0, but once those run out I'm going to try to use less plastic in my packaging. And I'm buying the expensive biodegradable bubble mailers. That's how you know I'm serious. 

As always, this is a labor of love. And it's about what you love as well. If you have any feedback about what you want to see from Smelly Yeti, let me know. Because boy howdy, I'm ready to yeti.