$ 15.00

"I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride"

This scent is listed as a PREORDER because I'm waiting on one of the ingredients from the supplier. If you place an order with this scent, it will delay your order being shipped out until the scent is finished.

 A sinister blend of hay, patchouli, black liquorice, cardamom, and a dash of tangerine, because why not. 



Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil

The Super Size is a goliath of a bottle - 14.8 ml!

Full sizes come in 7.4 ml bottles (some with a glass wand applicator, but transitioning to polycone caps. I guess the bottle company stopped making glass wands??) featuring the label artwork pictured. 

Samples are in adorable 1.3 ml bottles. 

 The art is a photo by my sister Chelsea of her pumpkins from Halloween past.

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