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The third part of the Garden of Earthly Delights Triptych - is it hell, or does it merely depict the hell that is earth?


Well, looks like things didn't end up quite how you planned.

Was drinking the absinthe from that crazy hermit really worth it?

Catholic guilt washes over you, and as you close your eyes you can almost smell incense swirling, taste that communion wine, feel the light as it fractures through stained glass panels, hear the holy Latin on the priest's lips and the creaking of the pews...You breathe deep, cough, and open your eyes.

Everything's on fire, as always. Oh look, a disembodied head is just rolling around. At least you've got this weird egg tree to live in. From the rough stones, there's movement. A head pops up, and advances. Not just a head this time, this one has a body. The demon waddles over to you. "Want some cursed gold?" He has a wheel instead of legs and approximately seven spears stabbed through him at various angles. 

You consider it for a moment. "Nah." 



Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil

The Super Size is a goliath of a bottle - 14.8 ml!

Full sizes come in 7.4 ml bottles (some with a glass wand applicator, but transitioning to polycone caps. I guess the bottle company stopped making glass wands??) featuring the label artwork pictured. 

Samples are in adorable 1.3 ml bottles. 

Contains cinnamon, and clove essential oils in an extremely weak dilution; however, for some people with extremely sensitive skin, skin reactions may occur. 

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