Who's That Girl

$ 15.00

"I am a she-witch, a very powerful she-witch - or witch, as is more accurate. I am not to be trifled with..."

 Willow. Sweet and shy but powerful; not one of those wanna-blessed-be's. A sweet quasi-gourmand scent of cookies, sugar and spice and everything nice...with a witchy twist. The classic bakery smell undercut by incense and a splash of ginger. Feminine, leaning unisex. 


Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil

Contains cinnamon essential oil in safe dilution; however, for some people with extremely sensitive skin, skin reactions may occur. 

Full sizes come in 7.4 ml bottles (with a glass wand applicator) featuring the label artwork pictured. 

Samples are in adorable 1.3 ml bottles. 

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