Strawberry Rhubarb Smash

$ 15.00

This was written when I was in Washington, and had access to the good good tarts featured on the bottle. 

One of the best things about moving back to Washington is that I'm around my favorite bakery, which has my favorite strawberry rhubarb tarts. Everything about them is exquisite - from the delicate crust to the lightly sweet strawberries to the green, acidic, and somehow earthy rhubarb. This scent is light on the gourmand crust note and heavier on the rhubarb- we wouldn't want to drown out the star of the show, now would we?

Smell of the Month: May 2016


Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba oil, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil

Full sizes come in 7.4 ml bottles (with a glass wand applicator) featuring the label artwork pictured. 


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