Ice Pick Joe

$ 15.00

 "People like us? We don't get happy endings. We just get to keep going."

I know that the Goncharov meme is kind of dead but it takes a while to make a perfume okay? 

 A cold blooded killer with an even colder ice pick. Creamy vanilla and peppermint dominate this blend, but they mingle with basil, pink peppercorn, blue cypress, and labdanum to create a scent that isn't quite gourmand and isn't masculine or feminine but a secret, third thing. A scent that wears close to the skin, like an even smaller ice pick concealed up your sleeve.

"Bad news, boss. He’s got another ice pick."



Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil


The Super Size is a goliath of a bottle - 14.8 ml!

Full sizes come in 7.4 ml bottles (some with a glass wand applicator, but transitioning to polycone caps. I guess the bottle company stopped making glass wands??) featuring the label artwork pictured. 

Samples are in adorable 1.3 ml bottles. 


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